Community Engagement

Supporting Community Music Projects


Music in the schools

Do you have a project that will bring music to the area? We may be able to help with funding. ‘Blue Skies in the Community’ (BSIC) is an outreach program of the Blue Skies Music Festival.

We have a small budget which we disperse throughout the year to community organizations and musicians in the broad catchment area surrounding the Festival site. The budget for BSIC is drawn from participant fees, donations, fund-raising and a grant from the Festival.


Hands on!

BSIC will support up to 50% of the costs of a project. Priority is given to proposals which:

• Are from the areas surrounding Clarendon/Sharbot Lake

• Bring music and musicians to community events and local schools.

• Support local musicians

• Are moving towards self sufficiency and need some temporary support

• Are not fund-raisers for other purposes

If you have an idea, contact Linda Grenier at

You may link to the Community Granting application on this website.

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