Music Projects 2018

BSIC Music Projects 2018

January 19
James Hill
Ukulele Workshop and Concert
Centennial PS, Kingston
Al Rankin, Livewire Series
Sponsor Teacher – Skot Caldwell
March 3
Tusgegee Golden Voices Choir of Alabama
Workshop and Concert
Tom Mawhinney, tour organizer
March 20
Edwin Huizinga and Bill Coulter
Two workshops and a concert
Cardinal Café, Sharbot Lake
Jonas Bonnetta, Port William Sound, sponsor
February 10, April 7, May 12
Christine Graves
Beginners Ukulele Workshop
Killaloe, ON
Katherine Bloomquist/Wendy Simmons contacts
March 28, 29, 2018
Jacob Moon, guitarist
GREC, Sharbot Lake, Prince Charles PS, Verona, KCVI, Kingston
Live Wire Music Series, sponsor
June 6, 2018
Open Voices Community Choir
Children’s Concert 1 pm, Grand Theatre, Kingston
Ticketed Concert 7 pm, Grand Theatre, Kingston
In collaboration with the Limestone District School Board
August 18, 19, 2018
Roots on the Clyde Country/Folk Music Festival
Lanark, Ontario
October 14, 2018
Battersea Pumpkin Festival
Entertainment by local musicians
Several festival sites in Battersea

James Hill at Centennial School, Kingston

“…. If you hadn’t recently considered the incredible impact that Live Wire in the Schools has had in our community lo these many years, soak it up here in the “concert” portion of this video!  James Hill, one of the world’s great virtuosos on this instrument, providing rich instruction and inspiration to our kids.  We are so lucky! ….”
Scot Caldwell

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