Music Projects 2O19

Hi BSIC and Live Wire folks-
It was a fine time at Granite Ridge Education Centre today. It started with Teilhard Frost doing a 40 minute “musical instruments from stuff you find” concert to about 200 kindergarten to grade 4 pupils, most from GREC and some bused in from Land O Lakes. They were spellbound.
Then there were four 50 minute sessions for grade 5 –8 students from GREC and Prince Charles PS that went for the rest of the day as the kids rotated through:
1) Teilhard demonstrating how to make music with anything at all.
2) Lily Legacy making hand drums from sonotubes and tape – brilliant! Each pupil got to make and decorate one.
3) Two tech teachers in the woodshop who had the kids each make a very playable flute out of abs tubing. They even learned to use power drills to drill the finger holes.
4) Grandmother Judi who taught the kids indigenous songs that they then sang accompanied by the drums that they had made.
The whole day was magic.
Thanks to BSIC and Live Wire for helping to keep the music alive in our schools!
Al Rankin
A Thank You Note …
Good morning,
Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Our family appreciates this bursary very much. It is not something we would usually apply for as we are aware of other families in need, however due to our circumstances this year, this is a wonderful gift.
Thank you for taking the time to review our application. Deb is an anazing teacher and I’m so happy that Avalon has this opportunity with her.
Thank you!
Barbara Wubbolt
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