Citizen Jane

December 7, 2019 – Citizen Jane concert at Potter Settlement Winery

BSIC supported a concert by Citizen Jane at the Potter Settlement Winery near Tweed. This event was set up to promote the Stirling Musical Instrument Lending LIbrary. The food, wine, stories and music were all excellent, and all who attended had a great time.

“The Citizen Jane Event was the vehicle to a great deal of promotion in Tweed. It has also brought some new volunteers to our doors and patrons to the MILL. Sandor put on a great show with the wine tasting, telling stories and keeping our wine samples coming. Every wine had a story. Very entertaining! The Citizen Jane band was great! Lea and Reenie kept us moving to the rhythm, alert to the lyrics, longing to play a fiddle – lost in the melody. They were involved with the audience and the audience with them. They were the perfect musicians for the event.”
by Elizabeth Slavin from the Stirling M.I.L.L. committee

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