Salil Subedi’s School Tour

Nov. 12/15, 2019 – Salil Subedi’s School Tour

Tuesday, November 12th

Sponsoring Organization: Live Wire Music Series

Image showing Salil Subedi performing

Nepalese musician Salil Subedi used didgeridoo, jawharps and singing bowls to completely engage both students and teachers at 8 schools in the Limestone Board.

Response from Loughborough PS:
Dear Al,

I just wanted to thank you for bringing yet another wonderful musician to our school. Salil Subedi was an exquisite example of the diversity and breadth of music available to students. As a rural school it was so valuable for our students to meet someone from Nepal and to experience his music. I think his hybridizing of modern and ancient instruments and technology was eye opening for everyone.

Please know that these educational experiences in the arts are truly needed in our elementary schools, and greatly appreciated.

Alan Macdonald
Challenge North
Loughborough Public School

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