Fiddle Orchestra

Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra 2022

Sponsored by Blue Skies in the Community

A beginner group, under direction of Cindy McCall welcomes all ages 8 and up. Classes focus on the basic techniques of the fiddle and mandolin, as well as the fundamentals of reading music and learning to play while having fun. The beginner group typically practices together for 2 to 3 years before joining the main group.
An Intermediate group class focuses on time signatures, rhythms, basic harmony and learning to follow a conductor and play in ensemble.
The Main group is for players who are at an intermediate/ advanced level, feel comfortable reading music in all keys, follow a conductor and like to perform and have fun.
The classes are usually divided into three semesters, covering different materials and techniques throughout each semester. Thanks to Blue Skies in the Community for the support, to keep our group open and affordable to the community.

History of the Orchestra

This unique orchestra started over 22 years ago, nurturing lasting friendships and up to three generations of musicians in some families. Growing in size and community support, the goal of the orchestra is to foster fiddle music traditions in the community by offering fun and affordable music instruction.

Usually, performances are made in Schools and Senior’s Homes, Festivals, Churches, providing Christmas Concerts and entertainment at community fund raisers with fiddles, guitars, mandolins, violas, piano, cello, percussion and whistles. This offers a tremendous opportunity for people in the community to learn a musical instrument, read music, play and follow a conductor. These are transferable skills and a pro-social creative endeavour that enriches all areas of our individual and community life. The multi-generational aspect of the orchestra allows for friendships to develop based on a common love of music and community.

Instrument Lending Library

If you do not have a fiddle, the instrument lending library has a selection of quality instruments to be rented at 10 dollars per month.


Blue Skies in the Community sponsors the orchestra to ensure that membership fees are only $100 per session, and also supports the instrument lending library. There are three sessions in the year.
• $100/person for one session

Registration and general information.
Cindy McCall, Conductor at 613-278-2448

Contact Cindy 613-278-2448

Donations to the Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra

These are tough times for our Fiddle Orchestra. If you would like to support our Orchestra please consider a donation to The Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra. Cheques can be made payable to Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra and mailed to

Cindy McCall
100 Miltons Road McDonalds Corners, ONT K0G 1M0

 Or by e-transfer to

A charitable receipt is available for all donations over $30.00. Thanks for supporting our amateur fiddling community.


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