Fiddle Orchestra 2019

It’s that time of the year!

The Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra is once again starting up their beginner group, welcoming new students of all ages 8 and up. Under direction of Cindy McCall and Lukas Reynolds, this smaller group focuses on the basic techniques of the fiddle and mandolin, as well as the fundamentals of reading music and learning to play together while having fun. This group typically practices together for 2 to 3 years before joining the main group, but any are welcome to attend both classes.

If you do not have a fiddle, our instrument lending library has a selection of quality instruments to be rented at 10 dollars per month. The classes are divided into three semesters, covering different materials and techniques throughout each semester. The cost for each semester is only 50 dollars. Thanks to Blue Skies in the Community for the support, to keep our group open and affordable to the community.

The first beginner class begins Oct 16th at 4:45 at the Maberly Hall. Practices are held every second Wednesday, and the following Saturday from 1 to 2pm at the Maberly Hall.

For registration and general inquiries, contact
Cindy McCall – 613-278-2448

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