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Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp – COVID-19 UPDATE 2021

Dear Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp enthusiasts and devoted fans,

Once again, due to the continued Covid-19 situation, Blue Skies in the Community has made the decision to cancel the Blue Skies Arts Camp held on the festival site. As the directors of the camp, we fully support this decision – the safety of everyone involved to run the camp as well as our precious campers themselves, takes priority in these uncertain times.

On a happier note – we want to keep the magic of the camp alive and will be offering a special virtual One-Day Virtual Event on Saturday, August 14, 2021. This event will be open to all camp enthusiasts – past, present and future!

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting exciting event.

Warmest Regards, 

Jenn and Janine

For questions, email us at

Magical, creative, collaborative, and joyful, Blue Skies Arts Camp is for children, 7 to 13 years old, who thrive in arts-based environments. Under the direction of Jenn Ayer and Janine DeVries, fifty children will participate in five days of workshops and activities which are led by experienced instructors who skillfully adapt their work to the beautiful Blue Skies Festival outdoor site. This Day Camp is located North of Sharbot Lake, ON. near the small village of Clarendon.

Bursary Program

The Bursary Program is offered through the schools and applications must be approved in advance of registration.

DONATIONS: The schools in the Blue Skies Music Festival geographical area are invited to nominate students they believe would benefit from attending camp through our Bursary Programme.  If you would like to support a child by donating to the Bursary Programme please contact Susan Walker Charitable donation receipts for income tax purposes are issued.

Accessibility and Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp

We want as many children as possible to experience the magic of Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp. We ask that parents and guardians take into account the physical geography of the camp site. Camp takes place on a very rugged piece of Ontario wilderness. The ground is hilly and uneven and the facilities are rustic. Both water and electricity are seriously limited (outhouses, no hot water and no electricity for personal use).

If your child has special needs, please contact Jenn and Janine ( for further information.

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