Workshops 2018

Blue Skies Arts Camp Workshops for 2019 Coming Soon

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Blue Skies Arts Camp 2018 – Workshop Descriptions

Out of this World – Galaxy Art with Heather Kushum Sheedy

In this workshop you will get to celebrate and connect with the wonders of the universe through art by learning techniques using watercolours, acrylics and other creative art mediums. We will create Nebula paintings, a moon phase mobile, constellation lantern and more. It’s going to be “Out of this World” fun!

Massive Grooves with Steve Hanna

Join Steve and his bag of tricks to explore electronic music with an emphasis on rhythm and beats. We will show you how to use sampling to create your own sounds and effects with instruments, your voices or whatever is laying around, and then use looping and layering to turn them into massive grooves!

Lights, Camera, Improv with Robin Luckwaldt Ross

Come on an exciting journey with Robin and feed the creature of your imagination with the delicious and nutritious soul-food of acting with a focus on improv! We’ll be on our feet, jumping around, building ensemble, and learning the skills you need on the wild ride of improvising a scene. Bring your minds, your hearts, and some stretchy clothes, and get ready to get WACKY while we learn.

Singing to the Skies – with Kathleen Welch

A fun and safe introduction to singing and exploring fundamental vocal techniques. Experience all different types of music and how to use the voice effectively while singing! We will be experimenting with harmonies, instruments, and more to help you find your voice through group and solo singing. Kathleen welcomes singers of all levels and experience to join her on this playful, musical journey!

Elemental Hoops with Meghan Robinson

Jump into the fascinating world of hoop play in this fun workshop with Meghan who will teach you all the tricks and techniques you will need to take hooping to a new level. We’ll begin by learning the four main methods of hooping: free flow hooping, core hooping, and off body in the vertical and horizontal planes. We’ll take it further and inspire each other into unchartered territory to be innovators of new moves while the boom box is chiming out groovy beat-infused tunes from around the globe!

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