Workshops 2017

Campcraft with Magoo

At Blue Skies, a keen camper is a happy camper and a few basic skills can go a long way to making all of our camping experiences great ones. Some of you might know Magoo as the talented and well-loved Blue Skies Emcee but he is not just a pretty face. He is also a well-seasoned Blue Skies “survivalist”. Last year he taught the basics of setting your campsite, but that was just the beginning. There are camp gadgets to be made, new knots to know, improving the camp kitchen, caring for the fire, dressing up the bannock and doing what it takes to be a keen camper

Follow the Rhythm with Kelli Trottier

This workshop is all about having fun with rhythm! Kelli an acclaimed Canadian fiddler, step-dancer and singer will have campers using their feet to explore and to develop some traditionally Canadian step dance skills. Our hands and other objects will also be brought into the percussion theme. We will mix things up this year, by learning some Contra Dances as well. These are so much fun and easy to catch onto. We will have a blast!

Storytelling in Dance, Song and Spoken word with Maddie Rooks Field-Green  

Clear your mind and picture an elephant with a balloon between its teeth. The elephant is confused. It moves its teeth from side to side and the rubber of the balloon squeaks loudly in response. The Elephant makes the split second decision to press his teeth together and…. What happens next? It is up to you! If you are interested in poetry, making people laugh, song writing or fantasy novels then this is the workshop for you. Maddie a talented writer, actor, song-writer, has many activities planned that are designed to nurture and support free expression and creativity. Campers are encouraged to bring an open-mind and their best singing voice

Rock, Paper, Feather: Honouring Endangered Species through Drawing, Painting & Sculpture with Heather Kushum Sheedy

Are you looking for a fun art experience that will excite and inspire your imagination? Do you love animals and nature found objects?. You will love these ‘Down to Earth’ art projects, honouring endangered animals of the North as our main subject. Heather is a qualified Art Instructor with experience inspiring creative expression for students of all ages; an Artist, Art Coordinator, Studio Technician, Designer,Face Painter and owner of the Spiral Art Studio in the Kingston area! Come and expand your creativity in a happy welcoming environment. “Art is the beauty that brings us together”

Band with Spencer & Oscar Evans

Spencer and Oscar will form 3 different bands featuring singers, rappers, and instrumentalists at all levels. Any musical style that our band members are interested in will be explored. From Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Reggae, Klezmer, Folk, to good old Rock and Roll! Everyone can play or sing whatever they like, but we’ll work it all together so we have a fun and good-sounding group. New sounds will emerge and most importantly young players and singers will learn how to support each other’s sound and to enjoy collective music making!

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