Workshops 2023

Blue Skies Arts Camp 2023 – Workshop Descriptions

Please note: Campers of all ages are welcome at all workshops – no previous experience is required.

Music: Ukulele and Song with Jen Curtis

Welcome to the wonderful world of ukulele! Come join singer, strummer and musical enthusiast Jen Curtis, for an introduction to the sweet sounds and versatility of the ukulele. During this workshop you’ll learn the basics that will get you strumming and singing in no time. There will be something for everyone in this relaxed, fun and supportive song circle. Campers who have uked before can pick up new tips and tricks, and those who have never held a ukulele before will be met right at their level. No musical experience necessary! Uke Can Do It!

Drama and Movement: Intro to the Art of Clown with Alexis Scott

Alexis Scott is an experienced actor who is trained in the style of Pochinko clown – a Canadian clowning technique. In this introductory clown workshop, participants will embody and explore their creative spirit through individual and group activities. Celebrate your personality and uniqueness through this creative art form.  You will have the opportunity to write and tell the story of your own mythology and then make it fantastical through performance.  Come join Alexis in this safe space for all campers to play, create and grow within a supportive and fun environment.

Fine Art: Fun with Fabrics with Johanna Clark

Johanna, our experienced and resourceful textile enthusiast is back and excited to welcome past and present campers to get creative once again! Lots of colour and magicy fabrics – from stretchy to silky and fuzzy to furry, let’s make some things we can wear!  (Elizabethan collar anyone?).  There will also be loads of yarn aplenty for all the pompom enthusiasts again this year. Our collaborative project will be a grand celebration garland for the Blue Skies Music Festival’s 50th anniversary!   Let’s get cozy at the little shack on the hill and have some fun with fabrics! No sewing experience necessary.

Instrumental: Taiko Drumming with Kyoko Ogoda

Feel the vibration of the Taiko! This unique workshop will inspire you to move and make music! The word “Taiko” in Japanese means big drum. Join Kyoko and Lee, experienced taiko players and teachers, in exploring fundamentals of Japanese and North American taiko. Learn the roots and history of this thunderous, physical instrument along with some basic Japanese vocabulary. Come and hit the taiko (big drum) and feel DON DON (Boom Boom in Japanese) with Kyoko and Lee.  Get ready to collaborate on group pieces and an opportunity to create your own unique solos! No drumming experience necessary!

Visual Arts: The Fantastical World of Egyptianology with Heather Kushum Sheedy

Join Heather on a fantastical journey into the mysterious world of Egyptian art.  Inspired by the ancient art form, you will have fun creating Crowns and Nemes (headpieces), design a Cartouche of your own name using ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and create your very own Egyptian art inspired necklace.  There will also be lots of opportunities for some fabulous freestyle art creations! This will be an adventure you will not want to miss!

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