Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I prepare for completing the camp registration form?

Registration Tips and Information are shared here.

2. Is it a day camp? 

Yes, Camp runs from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

3. What are the ages of campers? 

Campers are 8 – 13 years of age.

4. How many campers attend camp?

Camp can accommodate 50 youth.

5. How much does camp cost?

Camp fees (per camper) are $280.00

6. Is there transportation to the camp?

Yes, there is a Camp Bus that picks the campers up from the town of Sharbot Lake (Sharbot Lake Town Beach) then stops at the Sharbot Lake Provincial Park campground for a second pick-up before driving to the camp location.

If your camper is taking the Camp Bus – they can be picked up at either the Sharbot Lake Town Beach (at 8:30 am) or Sharbot Lake Provincial Park campground (at 8:45 am). This will be an option on the Registration form. At the end of the day, we do it all in reverse – leaving camp at 3:30 pm, first drop-off is at the Sharbot Lake Provincial Park campground at approx. 3:45 and then at the Sharbot Lake Town Beach at approx. 4 pm.
Masks MUST be worn on the bus at all times. We will provide masks for campers who do not have one of their own.

By Car – parents/guardians can choose to drive their campers to and from camp. You will need to indicate this on the Registration form so that we can plan accordingly.

7. How do I know if my child’s camp Registration form has been accepted?

After you register your child online, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration and a message regarding next steps – these next steps are in relation to waivers and payment.

8. Will there be a waitlist?

Yes, once our registration is full, a new notice will appear on the Website registration page indicating that the camp is full. There will be a link provided for you to send an email requesting your child be added to the waitlist.

9. What kinds of activities are at Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp?

There is a lovely mix of structured workshops (you can view the different workshops on the Website), planned activities, and supervised free-time. The workshops focus on the arts: everything from music; drama; movement and dance; instrumental; fine arts; and, visual arts.

10. What should a Camper bring to Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp?

A Camper should bring: lunch and a water bottle; sunhat; sunscreen; bug repellent; weather appropriate clothing; rain gear; footwear; and, an extra set of clothes. We recommend that all campers wear socks and running shoes for safety and protection against tics.

11. Will lunch, snacks, and drinks be provided at Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp?

Lunch is not provided, this is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
However we do provide a healthy variety of snacks and peelable fruit and water is available throughout the day. If your child has special dietary needs we encourage you to send appropriate snacks for their specific needs.

12. What should a Camper NOT bring to Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp?

A Camper should not bring: cellphones, tablets, or other electronic devices or valuables including special toys/items that could get lost.

13. What if a Camper is concerned about being new to the Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp?

Let us know if your Camper has any concerns. Our highly experienced, caring, and committed Leadership Team makes sure everyone feels included and safe during camp. We focus our efforts on getting to know each camper, providing lots of support to first-time campers, encouraging connections, and being sensitive to individual concerns.

14. What about rain/ extreme heat/ bad weather?

Camp runs rain or shine. This is an outdoor camp – we have covered structures for workshops and activities but no closed-in buildings. The weather can change quickly on site during the day, therefore it is important that your Camper comes every day with weather-appropriate clothing including sunhat, rain gear, extra clothes etc.

15. Will there be swimming?

Swimming is not part of the program. Families may choose to swim after camp at Sharbot Lake Town Beach or at the Provincial Park.

16. Are there bursaries?

Yes, we offer bursaries. The bursaries are based on recommendations from local schools. Please email Director’s Jenn Ayer and Janine DeVries at blueskiescamp@gmail.com if you have any questions.

17. My child has special needs. Is it possible for them to attend camp?

If your child has special needs, please contact the Camp Director’s Jenn Ayer and Janine DeVries at blueskiescamp@gmail.com

18. If a Camper wants to join the Leadership Team – How does that happen?

We provide valuable Leadership Training for our Counsellors, our Counsellors-in-Training (CITs) and our Volunteers. If your Camper is interested in being on our Leadership Team, please email Director’s Jenn Ayer and Janine DeVries at blueskiescamp@gmail.com for more information.

19. Parents/guardians, grandparents, and friends would like to attend the Highlights Show – When will this occur?

The Highlights Show will be on the last day of camp, Friday, July 28 th at 2 pm.

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