Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many children attend camp?
Camp can accommodate 50 children. For most activities, they are in small groups of 10 per instructor or workshop.

2. What are the ages of campers? This year, 2019, campers are 7 – 13 years of age. For Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp 2020 the ages will change to 8 – 13 years old.

3. Is it a day camp? Yes, the camp runs from Shabot Lake Beach bus pick-up time (8:30am) to Sharbot Lake Beach bus drop-off time (4:00pm)

4. We would like to make summer plans. How do I know if my child’s camp application has been accepted?
After you register your child online, you will receive an email with your child’s completed application form and a link to the waiver. After you have received this email, download the waiver and submit it along with your deposit to the following address: 

Susan Walker,
491 Barrie St,
Kingston, ON  K7K 3V4

The waiver and fee may be sent by mail OR the waiver may be signed, scanned and emailed. The fee may be e-transferred to Susan Walker registrarblueskieskids@gmail.com – the password is kids. When your waiver and deposit are received by Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp, your child’s spot will be held. If you are placed on a waiting list, we will inform you. Shortly after the deposit/waiver due date, some spots may open, and we will update you regarding the status of your application.

5. What kinds of activities are there at Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp?
Activities vary and are usually a combination of active (drama, band, dance, choir) and hands-on (material, visual, and graphic arts). There are five course choices and campers will participate in three. We ask campers to rank their course choices from 1-5, and we will do our best to accommodate these choices, although it sometimes works out that they do not get a desired course.

6. What should my child bring to Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp?

Your child should bring: lunch and water; sunhat, sunscreen, bug spray and/or bug sticky patches; weather appropriate clothing (rain gear); and extra clothing.

7. Will lunch, snacks, and drinks be provided at Blue Skies Arts Camp?

Lunch is not provided, this is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
However, we do provide muffins, fruits or vegetables and water is available throughout the day. If your child has special dietary needs (e.g. gluten allergy) we encourage you to send appropriate snacks.

8. What should my child NOT bring to Blue Skies Kids’ Arts Camp?
Your child should not bring: cellphones, i-Pods, i-Pads or other electronic devices or valuables including special toys.

9. What training do the instructors have?

Instructors at Blue Skies Arts Camp meet the following requirements. They are very knowledgeable in their field; have past teaching experience with children; LOVE working with kids; and enjoy working in an active outdoor environment.

10. How does my child get to Blue Skies Arts Camp?

We strongly recommend that all children take the bus from either Sharbot Lake Beach or Sharbot Lake Provincial Park Campground because it is part of the camp experience. We sing songs, prepare for the day, and make friends while we are travelling to camp. We pick-up the campers at Sharbot Lake Beach at 8:30 am and shortly after at Sharbot Lake Provincial Campground.  At the end of the day, we do it all in reverse with the final drop-off at Sharbot Lake Beach at 4 pm.
On the first morning of camp we do not pick-up at the campground and ask everyone to come to Sharbot Lake Beach, so the campers can meet their counsellors and get into groups right away.

11. What if my child is concerned about being new to the Blue Skies Arts Camp?
Part of the fun of camp is making new friends. We keep our campers busy from the start, and our counsellors make sure everyone is included.

12. What about rain/ extreme heat/ bad weather?

We are at camp rain or shine and are prepared for all weather conditions. The weather can change quickly on site during the day. Therefore, it is important that your child comes every day with weather-appropriate clothing including sunhat, rain gear, etc. If there are severe weather conditions an alternate venue is rented in Sharbot Lake.

13. Will there be swimming?

Swimming is not part of the program. Families may choose to swim after drop-off at Sharbot Lake Beach at 4 pm!

14. Are there bursaries?

Yes, children are selected through the educational system. The bursaries are based on recommendations from local in-area schools.

15. My child has special needs. Is it possible for her/him to attend camp?
If your child has special needs, please contact co-camp director Janine directly at janinemichelle1970@gmail.com.

16. My child wants to be a Counsellor or Counsellor-In-Training (CIT). How does that happen?

We provide Leadership Training along with valuable work experience for our Counsellors, Counsellors-in-Training (CITs) and Student volunteers. Children who have been campers and volunteered in the past have the option to apply. There is a selection process. Please email co-directors Jenn Ayer and Janine DeVries at blueskiescamp@gmail.com for more information.

17. Parents, grandparents, and friends would like to attend the Highlights of the Week.  When will this occur?
The Highlights of the Week will be on the last day of camp, Friday, July 26th, at 2 pm. All campers will participate.

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