Registration Tips 2024

Camp spots fill up quickly, so here are some tips to help you get prepared for completing the registration form:

  • Be at your device (laptop, desktop or tablet) and ready to go before 10:00 a.m. on Saturday April 6th, 2024 so that you can be ready to complete the form as soon as it opens!
  • If you do not see the Link to Camp Registration 2024 on the main Camp website page, hit the Refresh or Reload button on that page – look for the image.pngat the top of your web browser.
  • If you have weak or inconsistent internet connection we suggest you either someone to complete the form on your behalf or go to a café or library that offers high speed wi-fi.
  • You will need to have ready the following information and documents:
    • The full address with postal code of the primary and secondary contact.
    • The home phone number, work and cell number of both contacts.
    • The name and phone number of an Emergency contact person.
    • Your camper’s Health Card ready – Must be entered correctly with version code or the form will be rejected.
    • Your camper’s Doctors/Primary Care Provider name and phone number ready.
  • Transportation – Please Review FAQ for Transportation options and make your decision of pick-up/drop-off location before you start your registration.
    • Please note that you must choose By Bus or By Car – for safety reasons, it’s one or the other (not both).
    • By Bus – there is a Camp Bus that picks the campers up from the town of Sharbot Lake (Sharbot Lake Town Beach) then stops at the Sharbot Lake Provincial Park campground for a second pick-up before driving to the camp location. We have members of our Leadership Team on the bus to support the campers in both safety and fun!
    • By Car – parents/guardians can also choose to drive their campers to and from camp. You will need to indicate this on the Registration form so that we can plan accordingly. We will have volunteers on location (in the morning and afternoon) to meet your camper(s) and ensure they are signed-in/out and safe.

We encourage all campers to ride the bus as this is part of the camp experience! Members of the leadership team ride the bus with the campers and make sure the campers day starts and ends with lots of fun!

  • Workshops – In advance, review the workshops on the website that are being offered this year with your camper so that they can make their choices and rank them.
  • If you have more than one camper to register we recommend you have all the required information for each camper and start your registrations asap on April 6th 2024 at 10:00am as the spots fill up fast.