Adult Music Camp 2024

July 28 – July 31


The Bluegrass stream is suitable for those with at least a ‘competent beginner’ ability on any of the traditional acoustic bluegrass instruments: Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo, and Upright Bass.

I’m thrilled to be teaching Blueskies Bluegrass this year! I’ve been playing Bluegrass and various roots styles for just over 25 years. I have navigated my way through bluegrass, old time, singer-songwriter, folk, various traditional fiddle styles (Irish, Texas, Canadian..), jam bands, rock and likely some others that I’m forgetting.

Although this year will build on the previous two years, it is still suitable for anyone with an enthusiasm for learning. I’ll briefly cover some basic theory items like the chord number system. Within the idiom of bluegrass. I’ll go over some aspects of traditional styles and introduce some of the more modern elements in Bluegrass today including use of alternate chords as well as melodic and rhythmical ideas for creative soloing

Bluegrass music today encompasses and borrows from many musical styles and genres. From its roots in gospel, blues, folk and traditional fiddle tunes, it has grown to incorporate elements of jazz, swing and rock in some of today’s players. Regardless of these influences, it continues to be true to its foundations and to be fundamentally acoustic music, using traditional instruments such as upright bass, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo and dobro

I will be teaching and encouraging the development of good learning habits though joy and rhythm. I’ll be sharing my hills and valleys of development like what got me out of a rut, the importance of listening and playing along with recorded music as well as jamming, practice away from your instrument and much more. We will be playing a lot!

I’m looking forward to the summertime picking, singing and grinning that awaits us!

Joey Wright

Joey Wright is a Juno-nominated songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer from Toronto. Joey is well known for his lyrical and inspired guitar and mandolin playing. He is also highly regarded for his compositions and songwriting.

Joey was one of the leading lights in the explosive bluegrass, old time and traditional country scene in Toronto in the 90’s and 2000’s. Joey joined Jenny Whiteley’s band in 1999, and their first two albums (Jenny Whiteley & Hopetown) both won Juno awards for Best Roots Traditional Album. In 2005 Joey joined Sarah Harmer’s band to record the album I’m A Mountain which earned him a gold record. In 2007 Joey collaborated with Jesse Zubot, Steve Dawson, Dan Whiteley and Joe Phillips to create his own album, Jalopy. Jalopy received a Juno nomination for Best Instrumental Album. He has since recorded the acclaimed albums Hatch, Tuxedo! (with Christine Bougie), Country Music, and Satie on the Beach (with Luke Mercier) among others.

With an honours degree in music from Humber College, Joey has over 20 years teaching experience. In addition to private instruction, Joey has taught at music workshops all over Canada including ArtsWells in BC and the Old School Bluegrass Camp in Ontario.

Joey has performed and recorded with many artists including Sarah Harmer, Ron Hynes, John Southworth, Amy Millan, The Henrys, Doug Paisley, Jill Barber, Matt Barber, David Corley, Christine Bougie, Hank Pine, Jenny Whiteley, The Neon Eagle, John Showman, Chris Coole, Oh Susanna, Carolyn Mark, Andrew Downing, Chris Brown, Kate Fenner, Suzanne Jarvie, Ken Whiteley, and many others.

Joey and his wife Jenny Whiteley and their two daughters have been living in the Lanark Highlands since 2002.

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