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Blue Skies Choir Music Library Repertoire (Sept. 14)

Bright Morning Star Arisin’ – 2 part – trad, arr. Tom Leighton

Cherokee morning Song (26 copies) – 3 line round, words/music Robbie Anderson

Here Comes the Sun (26 copies) – SAB , words/music George Harrison, arr. Mac Huff – level 2

Here’s to Song (25 copies) – SATB – words/music by Allister MacGillivray, arr Lydia Adams (for Rotary Youth Choir of Nova Scotia ’94)

Humpty Dumpty Blues (35 copies) – SATB words/music by Kevin Reeves (for Ottawa Regional Youth Choir) – photocopy by permission of Kevin Reeves

Klee Wick (23 copies) – 2 part (written for SA but we did male/female parts) with piano, drum, triangle – words/music by Brian Tate

Let’s Sing (Tuimbe, Masicule) (26 copies) – 3 part mixed with layered percussion and bass instrument – words/music by Audrey Snyder – level 3

Put a Little Love in Your Heart (24 copies) – SAB – words/music by Jimmy Holiday, Randy Myers, Jackie De Shannon, arr. Jay Althouse

Sail Away (30 copies) – 3 part – words/music by Roger Emerson

Shenandoah – SAB – Ed Lojeski, arr. Tom Leighton – public domain

Tears in Heaven (24 copies) – SAB – words/music by Eric Clapton, will Jennings, arr. Roger Emerson

Pieces that can be copied:

Al Shlosha – round – Allan E. Naplan, 1 page

Open Up – 3 part – Penny Lang, arr. Nicola Oddy, 1 page

From the Ompah Choir – I can give you one copy for you to photocopy

All Things are Connected – 2 part, Jeanne Julseth-Heinrich

Hymn to Freedom –SATB – Oscar Peterson, Harriette Hamilton,

Oh Be Joyful – 3 part, 1 page

Solstice Carole – 3 part acapella, The Wyrd Sisters

Touch the Earth Lightly – SATB – Shirley Erena Murray, Colin Gibson -1 page from United Church hymnal

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