Blue Skies in the Community
COVID Grant for Musicians

Blue Skies in the Community has received a donation that allows us to make a number of grants available to musicians living in Eastern Ontario whose pre-Covid household income from their musical activities, has been significantly impacted by Covid.  Each Covid Grant will be in the amount of $1000. 

We are very open to a wide variety of creative musical projects that would benefit from this grant. Whether it is the time to write, arrange or record new music, engage in educational projects that will assist you in the redevelopment of your post Covid career, or any other creative idea, we will consider supporting it with this grant.  The grant is meant to compensate for some of the music generated income you have lost as a result of Covid.  We are especially interested in compensating you for the time it takes to develop and execute a project, rather than capital purchases. We hope to award 10 grants of $1000 each.

Our intention is to award the grants in early June of this year, and to receive a report from you by January 2022, which outlines what you have accomplished, as a result of the grant, during the granting period of June to December 2021.

To apply for this special granting opportunity, please submit the application to the Blue Skies in the Community Granting lead, Linda Rush, at lindarush@yahoo.com

Applications must be received by May 28th, 2021.

In summary, you are eligible to apply if:

•You live in Eastern Ontario, (includes Kingston north to Bancroft, Belleville east to Ottawa and places in between)

•You have lost significant household income generated through music during the past year because of the pandemic restrictions

•You require time to work; you don’t require large capital purchases for this project

Thank you,

Linda Rush lindarush@yahoo.co

BSIC Community Granting  

Please consider forwarding this letter and application form to musicians you know that are eligible and may be interested in applying.

The Blue Skies Music Festival 2021 will be virtual

We are at the early stages of organizing an on-line event, with Magoo as our Emcee. Please stay tuned to the (official) Blue Skies website and the Blue Skies Facebook (unofficial) page for more details as they develop.


Due to COVID-19, Blue Skies in the Community has cancelled Kids Camp for the summer of 2021 and is offering a one-day virtual event – date to be announced.

Please go to the Kids Arts Camp page for a little more detail.

Jenn Ayer & Janine DeVries, Directors
Blue Skies Kids Arts Camp

The 2021 Adult Music Camp is CANCELLED.

Dave and Martin

Due to COVID-19 the Blue Skies Fiddle Orchestra has had to postpone all events and programmes until it is safe to gather once again in groups. Stay tuned for updates please..

Cindy McCall Director/Conductor

Blue Skies in the Community spreads the spirit of the Blue Skies Music Festival into the community throughout the year by fostering and supporting music, musicians and the arts in the area surrounding the festival site between Cloyne, Perth, Ompah and Kingston.

In 1988 The Blue Skies Festival Organizers committed funds to start an outreach program.  For 30 years, Blue Skies in the Community has been that program.  Our mandate is to support music all year long in the community surrounding the festival site and an arts camp for children, during the summertime, on the festival site. Throughout the year the Blue Skies in the Community Committee facilitates an exciting range of music related activities.  Programs include: The Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra, The Blue Skies Children’s Summer Arts Day Camp, The Blue Skies Adult Music Camp, Funding Support for Concerts and Workshops, the Blue Skies Instrument Bank, The Blue Skies Choir Music Lending library and Music Lesson Bursaries.  For information about Blue Skies in the Community or any of its activities, contact Linda Rush at lindarush@yahoo.com

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